Sisal Soap Saver Bag

Sisal Soap Saver Bag

What is Sisal? Sisal is a 100 % natural fiber harvested from the agave plant. Its sturdy yet soft texture makes it the perfect match for creating suds and exfoliation.

Soap and Stuff 2020 Sisal Soap Saver Bag is made of sustainable sisal, from the cactus family. This sisal scrubber bag is great for :

♧ those little leftover bits and pieces of soap
♧ for a whole soap or shampoo bar
♧ slip the soap bar into the pouch and secure it with the

This pouch snuggles around a bar of soap. When you are finished give it a quick rinse and hang it up. You can hang it in the same place as your old plastic loofah.

$9.00 Each

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