Loofah Bar

Loofah Bar

Lemon Drop Loofah Bar

Our Loofah is grown locally and dried by us. The sponge is dipped in our Shea butter and vitamin E soap base. This multi purpose skin care product can be used for your feet, face, knees, elbows...anywhere you need a little polishing.

◇Using a loofah regularly helps reduce acne breakouts by removing dead skin cells and sebum which will help pores from becoming clogged.

◇A loofah will help with the texture of our skin, and also contribute to a soft, smooth polished look.

◇ Promotes and improves blood circulation.

The coarse surface of a natural loofah is an exfoliator. When you scrub it gently on your skin, the friction causes the dead skin cells to shed. As a result, your skin looks clear, fresh, and healthy.

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