Black Amber and Lavender Sugar Scrub

Black Amber and Lavender Sugar Scrub

Refine and soften your skin with our Black Amber and Lavender fresh & natural sugar scrub. Use all over your body to gently lift away dull/dead skin cells, improve circulation and reveal a soft sensual glow. This antioxidant-rich paraben-free formula helps soothe and soften while providing gentle exfoliation. Your body will feel fresh and awake.

Use daily and your body will thank you for it. Pure cane sugar crystals, grape seed oil, and coconut oil infused with essential fragrance oils are great for All Skin Types, especially sensitive skin. All our products are free from dyes, fillers, and additives. Experience luxury directly from our elegantly packaged products.

Proudly manufactured in the USA and crafted from the highest quality ingredients available. CRUELTY FREE, VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE, PH BALANCED.

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